what is BBN EXETER?

bbn brings safety to exeter

BBN Exeter is designed to deliver for the guest and for the venue, Guests can expect a best Bar None Venue to be well run, have ask for Angela in place and a vulnerability policy that means even if you are not a guest of a BBN venue they are committed to your safety and wellbeing.

Venue operators and owners that are accredited have a host of member benefits including exclusive PR and marketing campaigns provided by InExeter, regular exclusive events, an online document library, excellent training and resource for improving both guest and customer experience. It really is the foundation of Exeters hospitality future

Best Bar None is first and foremost for us, about signposting to guests of Exeter’s hospitality venues that we are proactive in looking after you. That we are absolutely committed to providing a safer Exeter experience Mat Jarratt, Coordinator at BBN Exeter

BBN Exeter is the Exeter based arm of Best Bar None UK. It is designed to recognise and communicate well run and responsible premises, reward excellence and raise standards. It is chaired and run by operators and partner agencies within the city. More information can be found about the national scheme at www.bbnuk.com