Best Bar none Exeter
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Best Bar None Exeter

Best Bar None is an awards and accreditation scheme that was developed to recognise, reward and promote responsible premises, and to improve operating standards in the evening and night time economy.

Exeter Best Bar None is also committed to providing guidance, training and support to venues and guests to reduce vulnerability within the evening and late-night economy and work towards Exeter being a safe, inclusive and fun evening for everyone to enjoy.

The scheme intends to:

Make guests aware that if a premises displays the BBN accredited badge they can be confident the premises is responsibly run and will assist them if required.

Reduce alcohol related crime and disorder in Exeter Build a positive relationship between licensed trade, police and local authorities and the private sector

Improve knowledge and skills of enforcement and regulation agencies, licensees, and bar staff to help them responsibly manage licensed premises.

Make sure that accredited venues meet minimum standards and champion ongoing improvements Recognise responsible premises and share good practices with others.

Highlight how operating more responsibly can improve the profitability of an individual business and attractiveness of Exeter

Venues will also have access to the Best Bar None Portal where they can access services and support reserved only for Best Bar None accredited venues. These will be detailed on our new website coming soon. The assessment and accreditation is FREE and if you would like to apply please complete the short form below.