Introduction to Swan

All women have the right to enjoy Exeter after dark and go about their business freely. Certain crimes disproportionality affects women and girls in many different ways.

We must strive to make Exeter a safer place for women by doing more to prevent violence, support victims and pursue perpetrators. Organisations across Exeter have joined together in partnership to produce a Women’s Night Safety Charter and have developed 7 pledges to take practical steps in making Exeter safer at night. This Charter is informed by responses to the SWaN survey from women and girls in our communities.


The aim of the Best Bar None Scheme in Exeter is to reduce alcohol related crime, anti-social behaviour and increase business through the delivery of education, training and the promotion of best practice to broaden the appeal of Exeter more especially it’s Evening & Night Time Economy.

Best Bar None recognise the challenge to providing a safe late-night economy. As such, we both endorse and recommend all venues sign the SWAN charter. As part of our commitment, we spearheaded the change to our Exeter Assessment to include a vulnerability policy and Ask for Angela as REQUIRED elements to a venues accreditation







Swan Charter

The Charter is part of the Exeter’s Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy.

It’s all about taking practical steps together to make Exeter at night safer for women.
Everyone should feel empowered to play their part in creating positive change and we encourage you to pledge your commitment to women’s safety.

What does it mean to sign the Charter?

The Women’s Night Safety Charter is a voluntary pledge to show you take women’s safety

By signing the Charter, you show your acknowledgement of the issue and that you’re ready to get proactive in improving women’s safety and experience. We’re building a strong network dedicated to making a positive change to women’s experiences across Exeter at night.

Whatever your organisation does for Exeter at night, there will be something you can do
to better support women’s safety.


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